How to find the best GIFs for your Facebook post.

By Daniel Burke, Recode Staff Writer | 11/18/2017| 3:59:45Art and design are hard.

They’re not easy to get your hands on, but they are often a source of much joy and inspiration.

We’ve compiled this list of the most iconic GIFs ever made, and made a case for them.1.

The Beatles “All You Need Is Love”Awwww, the Beatles.

This one is one of the great ones, because it captures a sense of peace and happiness for its audience.

But the Beatles didn’t just make it.

They also gave it to us, via their music video for “All We Got To Do.”

They were the ones who did it.

Here are some more classic GIFs that are worthy of the GIFs throne.2.

The Simpsons “The Springfield Express”A classic animated sitcom is the ultimate GIF, but the Simpsons made it the ultimate meme.

It’s funny, it’s quirky, and it’s timeless.

You can find some great GIFs of it on our website, too.3.

The Jets “The Greatest Showman”The Jets are the greatest team in football history.

But they weren’t just a good team, they were also an amazing band.

Here’s our favorite GIF from “The Great Showman,” a classic video from the Jets’ 1978 season opener.4.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show”The Rocky Horror Show” is probably the most recognizable of all the movies ever made.

The original soundtrack has been immortalized in dozens of films, including the musical “The Rocky & Horror Band.”

We have the classic animated trailer, too, which you can listen to below.5.

The King of Pop’s “We Can’t Stop”The Beatles’ “We can’t stop” is one the most famous music videos of all time.

It captures the energy of the crowd in an unforgettable way.

Here is our favorite.6.

The Joker’s “The Dark Knight Rises”The Joker has a huge collection of classic Batman cartoons.

This is the one we most like.

You’ll have a blast at this animated GIF fest with this one, too:It is the most classic Batman GIF, by far.

And it’s worth a watch.7.

The Hulk’s “I Got You Babe”In the comics, Hulk was the greatest villain in the world.

The “I Can’t Believe You” song was an instant hit, and the Hulk’s voice was instantly recognizable.

Here, he’s singing the song in his usual way.8.

The Terminator’s “Terminator”The Terminator is one auteur who was so influential that his films and television shows became cultural icons.

He’s also a great example of why it’s so important to keep making great GIF art.9.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”The Star Wars universe has inspired countless GIFs over the years.

We’re here to tell you the top 10 of our favorite animated GIFs, from the classic to the modern era.10.

A Clockwork Orange”The film’s director, John Cassavetes, has been credited with having one of GIF’s greatest debuts.

The animated version of his film is so unique, you could watch it for days.

Here you go:11.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies” is arguably one of our favorites.

Its been in the top five lists for the last five years.

And the animation is awesome.

It was based on a true story of a boy growing up in Australia. “

I Love Lucy”The classic “Love Lucy” is the first Disney film ever made and it is still one of those classics.

It was based on a true story of a boy growing up in Australia.

Here we have the original animation.13.

“Grammys 2018″We are excited to share our favorite “Gemmys 2018 GIFs” list, which is available on our site and in our podcast.

We also have a video of our podcast with more of our most popular GIFs.

You won’t want to miss it!14.

“Beverly Hills 90210″Beverley Hills 90310, as we like to call it, is one our favorites from the series.

It makes for a fun musical, but it’s also one of my favorite shows of all-time.

Here the cast sing “I Wanna Get Better.”15.

The Matrix Reloaded”The Matrix Reloaded is one classic video game.

Its a classic movie, and its one of The Greatest Movies Ever Made.

And its one that will be watched for decades to come.17. “

The Avengers: Age of Ultron” The movie’s trailer is the greatest ever.

And its one that will be watched for decades to come.17.

“Empire Strikes Back” The