A new exhibition in Chicago is showing some of the artworks created by Chicago’s residents in the past 100 years.

The Art Of Living is on display from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 23 through March 29 at the Art Institute of Chicago.

This is the second exhibit in the Art of Life series, which is curated by architect Jody Lee.

The Art of the Living exhibition, which runs through May 1, focuses on the art of living in the Chicago area, from architecture and interior design to urban design, fashion and art.

The exhibition includes artwork created by residents of Chicago, as well as other local artists.

“The art of the living has a special place in Chicago, and I think the city is really moving forward on this, because we are getting more artists from outside of Chicago in Chicago.

We are getting people from other parts of the world,” said Laura Johnson, the Art Director for the Art Center of Excellence and one of the organizers of the exhibition.

The exhibition has more than 50 works, and includes work by residents from all over the city, including New York, San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia.

The artwork includes works by a wide variety of artists.

The artworks were created by artists from around the world, including Italian architects Carlo Gabriele and Paolo Pasquali, who designed Chicago’s Central Park, the Lincoln Center for the Arts and the Museum of Modern Art.

The exhibit is open from 10:30 a.mi. to 2:30 p.mi., and the museum is open 8 a.min. to 4 p.pm.

The artworks include art from the Chicago Public Library, the National Gallery of Art and the Chicago Art Museum.

“It’s a very important moment for Chicago, in terms of art, because I think that Chicago is going to be the center of the arts community for a very long time,” Johnson said.

“There are so many great artists out there who are creating art from a different place and culture, and they’re doing it in a way that’s really relevant for the Chicago people,” she added.

“I think we have a really great artist, and the whole idea behind the Art Of The Living is to showcase a lot of artists that are not necessarily well known outside of this area, but who are really trying to do great things,” Johnson added.

The show is part of the Art Museum’s efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and the art that is produced in Chicago and across the country.

The Museum has been exploring ways to showcase the diversity of Chicago artists, and to bring artists into the city.

“Art is about what you put into it, and this is a chance for people to see some of these artists that they might not know about, and it’s a chance to see the work that’s been happening in the city and see some beautiful things that they’ve done in the last 100 years,” Johnson explained.