With unemployment rates as high as 25 percent in the United States, the federal government is struggling to fill thousands of positions.

But one veteran program is trying to help them find new work.

A new online art class is being launched by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to help people find new jobs.

It is a first step in the government’s attempt to create jobs for vets who are out of work or underemployed.

The VA launched the program last month, and it is aimed at veterans who are unable to find full-time work because of their injuries or other circumstances.

It will run until September 2019.

The class is open to anyone, but the online program requires a $25 registration fee.

The online classes are designed to help vets find jobs, so they don’t need to be a veteran themselves to take them.

For those who do, they are being offered opportunities to learn and earn a certificate to show off their skills.

There are classes at universities, as well as a job fair in Washington, D.C., where veterans can meet with job candidates.

VA Secretary David Shulkin said the VA’s program is one of the most successful and effective ways to help unemployed veterans find work.

“We know there are lots of people who are trying to find jobs right now,” Shulkins said.

“It’s going to help these veterans who have been unemployed for a long time find new, steady employment.”

The VA hopes the online art program will help many veterans who need help finding a new job.

The service agency has helped more than 11,000 veterans find employment.

They have also helped nearly 500 veterans find housing, and they have also trained more than 5,000 other veterans to find new careers.

The government has a shortage of about 17,000 jobs for veterans and unemployment is rising rapidly, according to Shulks data.

About half of those veterans have lost their jobs because of a disability.