People are sharing a story that their art is featured in Reddit’s art gallery, and the article says they can do so in one of several ways.

First, you can make a submission on reddit’s subreddit for an image to be included.

You can also post a comment, which is a link to your post.

Here’s how:First, go to the subreddit that you’d like to submit your artwork to.

Click on the ‘Art’ tab.

Next, select the ‘Artist’ tab, and click ‘Add Image’.

You can now click on the “Add to gallery” button to send the image to the gallery.

Next you’ll need to choose a subject.

Choose a topic such as “art, art history, comic book”, “artist, cartoon”, or “art history, comics”.

You can select an artist or artist’s name.

If you’re using a comic book artist, you’ll be able to choose your subject by clicking on the title of the comic book in question.

Next click on “Edit”.

Here you’ll select the topic that you want your submission to be posted to, and then click “Submit”.

You should receive an email from reddit explaining the process.

You’ll also need to confirm your identity with reddit.

If it’s an official submission, you should receive a confirmation email.

Once you’ve done that, click “Send”.

You’ll receive a text message asking you to confirm the submission.

You may also receive a verification link by email.

You’ll need your Reddit account password to post a post.

Once you’ve clicked on “Submit”, you’ll receive an e-mail from reddit.

Click the link to confirm.

If you’re submitting an art article, click on a title to see more information about it, including links to the artist’s gallery and their artworks.

Then, click the “Post” button.

The image will appear in the gallery and you’ll have the option to either share it on reddit or to upload it to imgur.

If your art is uploaded to imguro, you must use imguro’s upload button, which will ask you to verify your identity and accept the terms of service.

You’re also required to follow reddit’s rules about posting content.