Mexico City, Mexico – A watercolor artist in the city is showing off her work as part of an effort to draw the attention of the city’s residents to the country’s 3D watercolor mural program.

The artist, known as “El Pueblo” (Lady), painted the mural on the walls of her studio in a project called “El Cid” (Water of the Sea), which has been described as an “alternative art gallery” in Mexico City.

The work is meant to show the importance of watercolor in Mexico and to show how it is the foundation of Mexico’s identity, according to the artist.

It is also part of a campaign to attract tourists to the city to see and enjoy the cityscape, she told the AFP news agency.

The mural is part of the Mexican National Art Foundation’s “El Comercio” program, which aims to educate people on the countrys history, culture and architecture, said the group’s founder, Francisco Gómez.

He said the art is being done by an artist who is not paid for the work and is not a contractor.

It was a collaborative effort, with the help of a group of artists and designers, including Mexican artist Juan González-Molina.

“We are not the artist, we are the group that supports this project,” Gómeso said.

“The art is created by the community, not the artists.”

The mural was created in collaboration with the Mexican Museum of Contemporary Art, which has collaborated with the artist in past years to create public works in Mexico.

The campaign is part a larger campaign to bring more Mexican artists to the United States, Góseso said, with artists from the city of Chihuahua and neighboring areas contributing.

Gómezz has worked to raise the profile of Mexico, a country whose economy is largely based on mining and oil, in the United Sates.

The museum and the Mexican government have funded more than 60 works of Mexican art, including more than 30 commissioned by the Mexican president.

They are on display at the National Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.C.