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The BBC’s own Pixel Art has long been known as a place where the world’s best pixel artists collaborate to create the most beautiful pixel art.Today, the BBC has partnered

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By MICHELLE KURTNERT and MARY ANN FERGUSONAP/The Associated PressThe holiday season is coming and so is the movie industry.For years, many movie buffs have been complaining about the shortage of

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I have a room, a house, and a house and a bedroom.It all fits together nicely.I love it.I like having the freedom to be myself and I love the flexibility

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Metal art supplies are a great way to get your own unique style without buying costly equipment.There are tons of ways to make your own art supplies from simple clay

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Art of Manliness: The Art of Manners is the first book to take a look at the art of manly behaviour, with a focus on the artistry and technique of