Wood wall artwork from a Florida artist has won a $2m art competition.

The artwork was designed to celebrate a piece of wood art, but it also features a minimalist design, with a minimalist icon and minimal background, according to a news release from the National Museum of American Art.

“It is very beautiful,” said the winning artist, Scott McAllister, who works as a graphic designer.

“We want to do a piece that is more of a minimalist style.”

The piece has been designed to represent an artwork by the Florida-based artist Frank Bancroft, known as “Bancroff”.

“The piece of art was created to celebrate the life of Frank Banchroff,” said NMAA director of exhibitions and collections, Jeff Smith.

“In order to celebrate Frank Bancheff’s life, we wanted to show him in a way that reflected his legacy.”

The theme of this piece is minimalism.

We wanted to represent the beauty and simplicity of Frank’s work.

“A similar piece by McAllisters, titled “The Man and the Tree”, won the $1m award in 2012.”

The minimalist art was designed around a single element: a single tree.””

The idea was to capture the simplicity of the wood that was being used in the piece.”

“The minimalist art was designed around a single element: a single tree.”

McAllister said the artist had originally wanted to make the piece a minimalist, minimalist tree.

“I wanted it to be a tree that just happened to have two arms,” he said.

“So I started thinking about what that means, how it was built.”

But as I started drawing, I noticed the two arms were more like arms, than legs.

So I thought, well, this could be a minimalist tree.””

I decided to go with that because it makes it so simple.

“The winning artwork is titled “A Tree”, but the title can be changed to “A Man and a Tree”.

The winning artist and the winning theme are both being exhibited at the museum until May 1.