FourFourThree, the UK-based art marketplace, has just released its first wallpaper pattern in more than five years, featuring a series of stunning and original images from the likes of Stephen Hawking, James Cameron and James Blake.

Created by artist and designer, Alex Hargreaves, the Wall Art Pattern collection is comprised of some of the most iconic images from some of Britain’s most iconic artworks, with the images featuring in its range all being in the realm of 3D art.

“These are the most inspiring images of the past five years and they reflect the diversity of our society,” says Hargregans partner and Wall Art Patterns co-founder, Sarah Krawczyk.

“We have made the Wall Pattern collection based on the work of the world’s leading 3D artists.”

We hope that this collection will inspire people to take a new approach to their home and our digital wallpaper, with a focus on inspiring the imagination.

“The images are being presented in the form of wall art, which has a distinctive design, with each image representing a different piece of art from a given time period.

Each of the Wall Pieces are available in a range of colours, from black to silver to red, and the range of sizes available has varied depending on the subject matter.”

It’s all about the individuality of each wall piece,” explains Krawcazyk.”

There’s a range in size and style, from small to huge.

“Some wall patterns can be as simple as a single frame and we’ve created a range to reflect that.”

The more you look at it, the more you see the beauty of it and it really shows the imagination and individuality of what it is to create.

“Wall Art Patterns will be available on FourFourFive from May 1, with sales starting from £6.99.