“We’re not going to go to the bathroom in a big group,” says Mark Bess, a co-founder of the company.

“We can’t have someone urinating on the wall, but we can’t use it for anything else.”

This is the idea behind the world’s first ‘WALKING WALL’ bathroom.

Bess and his team have developed a new version of the wall that’s made from paper, with a touch of art to make the artwork pop.

The wall is just the latest in a line of ‘WANDA WALKER’ bathroom walls that Bess says are “unique and fun” and “just fun to build.”

The wall in question is designed to be a small part of the bathroom, so you don’t need a big sink or a huge mirror.

Instead, Bess has a “laptop stand” that you can attach to the wall to make it more portable.

The stand comes with a plastic stand and can be hung on the ceiling.

“You can take the laptop stand and attach it to the front of the unit to have the bathroom stand just hang there,” Bess tells Wired.

“It’s just for fun.

You can just hang the laptop on the walls and it looks cool, but you can also take the stand with you and it’s really great for your family, your dog, your friends, to hang around the bathroom while they’re waiting for the bathroom to finish.”

The company is calling it “the most innovative bathroom wall to date.”

And it’s not just a small bathroom.

The company has also made a ‘walkable’ bathroom wall that can be attached to a wall.

It’s not quite the same, but it’s more functional and it makes for a more welcoming space.

And Bess notes that the walls are designed to last “a couple of years.”

Bess also has a second ‘walk-able’ version of his wall.

This one’s a bit more permanent, but still features a plastic wall that hangs from the ceiling and has a mesh netting that covers the outside of the room.

The netting makes it hard for water to get in.

It comes with two hooks that you attach to a hook in the ceiling, and you can hang it to either wall of the shower unit.

Bress says he “wanted to give people a chance to take their bath, and now we have a product that can do it.”

The walls come in three sizes and the company plans to make them “available in many more countries.”

The ‘WANDERING WALLS’ bathroom is designed for use in private bathrooms.

It doesn’t include a shower, so the ‘walk’ version isn’t quite as popular.

But Bess is planning to roll out the ‘WALL’ versions of the ‘Walkable Bathroom Wall’ over time, so that it can be used in public bathrooms, too.