Art is a profession, and there are many ways to get paid to do it.

Art is not a job and it is not free.

Here are five ways to make money as an artist.1.

Find an artist or two to work withArtists tend to work more for large corporations or other established groups.

If you find a talented artist or artist who works with you on a regular basis, you can earn enough to pay for rent, food, and other expenses.

You can also learn about their background and learn more about their work.

Many artists also offer workshops and classes that teach you about their craft.

If the artist and your partner have a background in art, you might get paid a commission.2.

Get involved with an established art galleryA gallery may offer a small amount of commission work that can be used to pay artists.

This is where you can get paid for painting, drawing, and photography.

This may be a good option if you have the skills and experience you need to do well in the industry.

Many galleries offer artists a chance to do work for free or in exchange for the artworks you draw.

You may also be able to get some work done for a commission, although it is a less common practice than commission work.3.

Become an instructor or a tutorA teacher or tutor can be an easy way to earn money while learning the basics of painting and drawing.

It can be helpful to get a good look at a client or to work on a project with a professional.

Some people get paid by being on an art or art history lecture tour.

If they have an art degree, you will be paid by the hour, and they will pay the full cost of the art or the work you teach.

A teacher can often give you a lesson or teach you something about the work.4.

Become a member of a professional art school or galleryAn art school may offer paid lessons or workshops for free.

These classes may include drawing or painting, and can take place at home or at a school, like the one you attended as a child.

It is often very expensive to get an art education or art certification, and the cost of tuition is high.

You might also be paid to teach in a museum or gallery.

The cost of these classes and the time you spend in them can add up quickly.5.

Find a freelance art director or producerArt directors and producers make money by selling their services to other artists.

You will usually have to be paid in commission, or you can also get paid directly.

The best way to get this type of work is to work as an independent contractor or to be a freelancer.

These artists often get paid from commissions and commissions can be a great way to supplement your income.

They might even help you out with a commission if you need it.

You also might get some freelance work as a consultant or an artist consultant.

A professional art director can be your only way to make a living in the art world.