TechCrunch is reporting that a new art collection at Kimbills Art Museum is up for sale.

Artworks include a mural by artist Emily Rauch that is up to $12,000, a mural painted by artist Paul Schaffer that is $15,000 and a painting by artist Nick Bostock that is currently $8,500.

The museum will have a private gallery to display these works in and a public gallery to exhibit these works on the open market.

The new collection will be located on the museum’s Westside lot, and will be open to the public starting January 6.

The collection will include a series of works that feature works by artists from around the world.

The first collection will feature a portrait of a man and woman with a dog in a snow field by artist Andrew Lees.

The second collection features a painting of a woman and a woman holding a gun by artist Daniel T. DeSantis.

The third collection features an illustration of a large, bird, a large bear, a lion, a dragon, a fox, a wolf, and a deer by artist Michael Korn.

The fourth collection features two animals that appear to be walking down the street.

The fifth collection features three children in a car in a school parking lot by artist Kevin Schickl.

The sixth collection features five animals in a field by David B. Pate.

The seventh collection features four children in an airplane by artist Jeff Leverette.

The eighth collection features seven children walking in a forest by artist Joe Bostick.

The ninth collection features eight children walking by a water fountain by artist Mike W. Kastler.

The tenth collection features eleven children walking on a lake by artist Justin Bostoski.

The eleventh collection features twelve children in the woods by artist Robert M. Densmore.

The twelfth collection features thirteen children playing by a tree by artist Chris C. Ting.

The thirteenth collection features fourteen children walking through a snow bank by artist Rob K. Bostorelli.

The artist’s name, Andrew Leese, is currently listed on the Kimbell website.

The art is being sold for $12.95 million.

The gallery is currently seeking buyers for the works.

The artworks will be up for auction by February 6.