The Aquatic Art Gallery of New York (AAM) will close its doors at the end of February.

The museum, located at 641 East 58th Street, has been on a mission to save the New York Aquarium, which it has helped save from closure since it was founded in 1929.

The closure comes on the heels of the death of the former owner, John M. Schulte.

He died of complications of a heart attack on Feb 3, according to a statement from the museum.AAM’s director, Charles H. Tresca, said the museum was “devastated” by the loss of Schultes legacy and that he would not be taking over the museum any time soon.

The Art Gallery opened in 1927, and it has been in its current location since 1980.

Its mission is to preserve the legacy of the New Jersey Aquarium in a manner that will provide a “safe and comfortable environment for the future generations,” according to its website.

The AAM is one of two museums in New York City to have been featured in the annual Art of Us campaign, launched in 2013.

It was one of four cities that made the cut.