The artist behind one of the most influential portraits of the American president is making an impression on the public with his latest painting, titled “Jackson Pollock.”

In a video posted on Instagram, artist Matthew Kennedy painted a portrait of the late American president that is being hailed by critics for its realism and honesty.

His latest piece, which Kennedy titled “The Real Jackson Pollocks Face,” depicts the artist’s portrait of President Joe Biden with a deep brow, thick, dark-rimmed glasses and a mustache.

The portrait of Biden was commissioned by a friend in 2015.

The painting of Biden, which was painted in the 1920s, was the work of an artist who had previously been accused of sexual assault by a former model and actor who accused him of groping her in the 1970s.

The painting, which can be seen at Kennedy Pollock’s Instagram page, is set against a blue sky.

It is an expression of the artist, Kennedy said in the video.

“Jackson was one of my favorite artists and I’ve been working with him ever since I got into painting,” Kennedy said.

“He was an amazing man and the best painter I’ve ever known.

He was one my favorite people to work with.”

The painting shows Biden in a pose in the early 1930s.

He is standing with his arms crossed.

He wears a gray, button-down shirt and khakis.

He holds a silver-colored pencil in his right hand and a black pen in his left.

Kennedy said he was inspired by the work by an unknown artist named Jacob Pollock, who painted many famous portraits of presidents.

“Pollock’s style was very much influenced by Jackson,” Kennedy wrote.

“Pollock was an impression artist, a portrait painter who painted portraits and not portraits of people.

Jackson was the most popular of these and it was in his style.

Pollock was also a painter who loved to do portraits of his own, but it was Jackson that really put his stamp on the style of the time.”

In the video, Kennedy describes his interest in the painting.

“It is not just a portrait.

It’s a piece of art that’s so rich and so complex and so intimate and so beautiful,” Kennedy says.

“The painting is a portrait and it’s not just about the painting, it’s about the person in it.

That’s what I love about the portrait.

We’re all looking into a mirror.

And the mirror is the painting.”

Kennedy also shared a link to his Instagram account where he explained why he chose to make the painting and why it is so different from the portraits of other presidents.

According to Kennedy, the painting is an attempt to portray Biden as a “perfect man.”

“We want to show him as a human being.

We want to tell him how he feels and what he feels,” Kennedy explained.”

The only way to make this painting is to give the person you’re painting the full truth of the person.”

Kennys father, Jack Kennedy Sr., was the president of the University of Texas, the son of President John F. Kennedy.

The son also served as governor of Texas from 1993 to 2004.

His father was a vocal advocate of civil rights and an early supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.