Art bell, a gothic artist who’s worked on dozens of works for artists including Tom Waits and Elton John, says he’s made a new piece of art for his clients that he says is designed to be used with their outfits.

Art Bell, an art teacher, said he chose to make his first piece of work as a birthday gift for his wife, Rachel Bell, and daughter, Alyssa.

(Facebook) “It’s not for the average person.

It’s for people who are very unique and they like their pieces to have a certain vibe.

They want something that’s a bit quirky,” he said.

The piece, titled “My Love Is Strange,” is based on a poem by author J.K. Rowling that she wrote about a woman who has trouble falling in love.

“My love is strange,” the poem reads.

“My love has been a bit strange,” Bell said.

“It’s sort of an ode to my wife and daughter.”

Art Bell says he decided to make the piece as a way to share his love of the arts with his clients.

(CBC)Bell said his wife Rachel, whose parents were born in the United Kingdom, has a passion for the arts.

“She’s a huge fan of all sorts of things.

She’s very visual, she likes painting and photography,” he explained.”

I think she’s kind of an obsessive artist, so I wanted to make something that could just sit in my home and she could pick it up and use it and put it in her wardrobe.”

Bell said he’s known that his wife’s work can be a little quirky for some people.

But he said he doesn’t see it that way.

“You’ve got to have this in your head that there’s something special about something.

You’ve got this vision of what you want to achieve, and that’s why it’s such a big hit,” he added.”

But I don’t see her painting anything as strange as I do.

I see it as something that I can really relate to.”

Bell, who has worked on hundreds of pieces of art, said the piece is designed for anyone who is interested in the arts, but he said it can also appeal to a more “serious” crowd.

“What I’m doing is not for everyone, but it’s something I want to do with my clients,” he told CBC News.

Art bell has made a series of art sculptures for clients, including Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

(Tiffany Leighton/CBC)”I wanted something that is a bit whimsical, and it can be used in a range of different things.”

He said his clients love to be inspired by his work, and he encourages them to get creative.

“There’s a lot of things that I’ve created that are very different to what is being made in the traditional fashion,” he continued.

“Sometimes people don’t know that.

And I hope that’s what they’ll enjoy as well.”

Bell has worked with many different clients, ranging from actors and musicians to artists and designers.

He’s done work for celebrities including Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.