Art has been a huge part of my life, and I’ve never looked at a painting that was just a painting and didn’t think of the story behind it.

So when I was approached by the Art Institute of Chicago, I jumped at the chance to work with a young artist who’s passionate about this topic and the stories behind it, so I was excited.

And to be able to share that story through video is a huge honor for me.

I have been fortunate to work on some amazing art projects over the years, including the acclaimed series “A History of Art” and “The Book of Things” for the National Museum of American History.

But when I decided to work as an artist in the visual arts, I was able to take that same vision and transform it into a series of videos.

Art and art history have been such a big part of our lives, and now I can share that with my audience.

It was really important to me to tell these stories from my point of view and the history behind them, and it’s exciting to see that this new series has a lot to offer young people interested in art and culture.

The Art Institute also released a video on Wednesday featuring a few of the artists featured in the series.

“The Art of the Artist” is a new documentary series exploring the art and history of American artists, including Bridget Jones, John Lydon, George Cukor, William Butler Yeats, George Segal, Edward Hopper, John Bellamy, Edward Gorey, David Hockney, and more.

The series will premiere on PBS stations in May.

Watch the Art of The Artist video below: The Art Of The Artist will premiere May 22 on PBS channels in the U.S. and PBS stations around the world.