AUSTRALIAN ARTIST WALKED INTO A BANTER WITH A STAR WARS ARTIST who says she is “totally offended” by his art and wants it removed from the museum.

The artist, whose name has not been released, told the Herald Sun she was at the Sydney Art Gallery on Tuesday when she saw a sign for a ‘StarWars’ exhibit in progress.

She said she took a photograph of it and then took a photo of the artist standing in front of it.

“I thought, what’s that, a painting?” she said.

A spokesperson for the gallery said it had not received any complaint and was unaware of the matter.

“We would not be in the business of advertising to people who are not aware of the work that was being displayed,” the spokesperson said.

“There is no specific notice posted in the gallery.

It is our policy to remove all artwork from public spaces if it is offensive to our community, such as in the public galleries or on public buses.”

The spokeswoman said they would also investigate if any other artist was planning to display their artwork.