Posted March 15, 2019 08:06:04 The Michigan Wolverines offensive coordinator and quarterback are one of the most sought after positions in college football.

But is there any truth to the notion that the former head coach is better equipped to coach quarterbacks than offensive coordinators?

We sat down with Michigan head coach Brady Hoke to get his take on this issue.

Hoke has never coached an offensive coordinator, but he has worked with offensive line coaches.

He also worked with quarterbacks, offensive line and running backs at the college level.

Hake told he has never met a quarterback who wasn’t a quality recruit.

But when asked if he would have a problem with an offensive coach having a different coaching style than an offensive lineman, Hoke replied, “Absolutely not.”

While Hoke says he has “no problems with any offensive coordinator having a similar coaching style to an offensive line coach,” it appears that there is no truth to Hoke’s claim.

Hoke does have some good things to say about offensive line assistants, though.

Hire one or two.

I can say with a certain degree of certainty that I would hire one or both of them.

They can bring a different skill set, different approach, different philosophy to our team and we all know it.

I think it’s a great hire for our program.

When asked if Hoke would hire a quarterback with a different style than his offensive line, Hokes responded, “I can’t really talk about that.

I know that we’re trying to build that kind of system around the quarterback, so I don’t want to speak about that.”

When asked whether Hoke might not hire a different quarterback coach, Hinks reply, “If I hired a different coach than I did with the offensive line or the offensive coordinator.”

Hoke is known for his work on the offensive side of the ball, which includes quarterbacks, running backs and receivers.

His job is to build quarterbacks, and his success has made him one of Michigan’s most coveted targets.

The head coach has been in the NFL since 2009, and he was a first-team All-Pro at Michigan in 2017.

He has also been on the staffs of the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.

When we asked Hoke about his relationship with Michigan football, he responded, “[Michigan] is a great football program and a great community, and I love being able to go out there and win football games and make a difference.”

Hire a better offensive line than a better offense.

I don`t think there’s a coach that can do it better.

We’re trying and we’re doing our best.

I would have to hire a better quarterback than I have right now, but I don’ think we have a better team than we do.

Hokes did not provide specifics on what he would look for in an offensive coaching staff, but the Lions offensive line has not exactly been a problem area for Michigan since 2015.

The Lions have averaged 5.5 sacks per game, which ranks 28th nationally, and have allowed 7.5 yards per play.

Hokes says the line is not that bad, but there are some questions about how well it is doing in the face of adversity.

Hikes comments on the Lions line, specifically the struggles with its run blocking, may not be a surprise to anyone who follows the program closely.

Holes tenure was short, and Michigan was a bit of a flop in 2016 and 2017.

After that season, Holes took a job at the University of Wisconsin.

The Badgers’ offensive line is a key piece of the Wolverines success.

They have allowed just five sacks and have a pass rush rating of 117.5, which is second in the Big Ten.

The Wolverines’ offensive playcalling has been a topic of debate for years.

Michigan has struggled to find ways to get its offensive plays off the field, and they have to do that at times.

When asked if the line was too good to be true, Hike replied, “”Yes.

I mean, we have to get the run game, we got to be able to run the football, we need to be more of a zone blocking team, but we have some pretty good players that can run the ball and we’ve got some good offensive linemen.

“While the Lions have not allowed a sack in the first three games of the season, they have allowed a lot of sacks and pressures, and that has hurt Michigan.

Holes comments on Michigan’s offensive line have also come up a few times in the past.

When we asked him about his thoughts on offensive line playcalling during his tenure with the Lions, Hikes responded, “”I don’t know, man.

It’s a pretty young offensive line.

We have some young players on the team.

I’d say it’s pretty young.

I’ve been on a lot, so it’s hard to say, but they’re good.”H