A stunning painting of Sydney Opera house’s outdoor wall in the shape of a heart has been snapped up for a record-breaking $1 million.

The painting, called ‘Olympic Heart’, was commissioned by the Sydney Opera Houses Board of Trustees, the Sydney Daily Telegraph reports.

It was painted by a man named George who has been painting murals in Sydney’s iconic West End for more than 20 years.

Mr George said he was “delighted” to receive the painting, which was designed to represent the city’s Olympic heart.

“This is a really, really special piece of art,” he said.

“I am very proud of the painting.”

Mr George is a retired mechanical engineer and an art collector, with more than a dozen paintings and sculptures in his collection.

Mr Johnstone said he did not expect to be able to pay off the $1m purchase at auction.

“It’s a very unusual painting, it’s a little bit of a puzzle piece,” he told News24.

“And so it’s just a big surprise.”

Mr Johnston said it would be difficult to sell it for more money than it would cost to have it painted, so the board of trustees was looking for a suitable buyer.

“We are looking at getting a new buyer to buy it and to take it back to the Opera House,” he added.

“The painting is probably worth $1.5 million.”

You might have to pay about $1,000 for it.

“Mr Thomas said the painting was in good condition and the staff at the Opera Houses Trustees had no doubts it would go on to become an iconic piece of artwork.”

There are a lot of people who like it, there are people who know the painting and know the history,” he explained.”

But I think it’s going to be very special.

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