The NFL Network will be available as a live streaming service for the first time this fall, and it will be one of the first to offer NFL Saturday as an in-season option.

NFL Saturday is the latest NFL service to stream games from a variety of providers.

The NFL Network is the only live streaming network to offer the option, which allows viewers to watch every NFL game from all 32 teams as well as their opponents.

The network is currently offering NFL Saturday on DirecTV and Sling TV, and NFL Saturday will be the only one of those networks to offer it as an option.

This will mark the first live streaming option for the NFL Network, which has struggled to find a home in traditional television programming.

Last year, the network struggled to get a foothold on the live streaming market, with its first season showing it to be a lukewarm success for the network.

NFL Network launched as an NFL Network exclusive in October of last year, but its ratings have been mediocre since then.