In the summer of 2016, a young woman was travelling to a lake in the southern Indian state of Rajasthan with her parents.

The couple were having dinner and when they reached the end of the lake, they were surrounded by a sea of golden, golden-yellow flowers.

They decided to take a few photos. 

In the picture, a man and his family sit on the shore and a woman is relaxing by the water.

The woman is wearing a blue and white outfit, her hair in a loose bun, and she is wearing sunglasses. 

This is a picture of a lake, with a man’s family and a beautiful woman relaxing by it, by the lake.

The caption reads: ‘The sun rises in the distance, the waves lap the shoreline, and the waves and the people are all here’.

It was taken at a lake. 

Another picture shows a group of people at the beach, enjoying a beautiful sunset. 

As the sun rises, a woman with a baby in her arms and a baby sitting on her lap, sits on the beach. 

There are other beautiful pictures of a group at the same time in the same place. 

A man and a couple, both in their late 50s, enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the sunset.

The picture is taken at sunset, as they stand on the top of a hill, looking out onto the sea. 

At the beach in Rajastha.

A woman in a pink shirt and blue jeans is relaxing on a sand beach.

There are several other pictures of people enjoying a sunset, all in the early morning. 

The caption reads ‘The sky is clear and the sun shines on the sea’. 

The sun is setting, a group on the sand beach enjoying a lovely sunset.

This picture was taken on the same day, and has a caption saying ‘The sea is blue’. 

Another woman and a man are enjoying a nice sunrise in front of a church.

The two women wear long skirts and long sleeves, and have long hair. 

These pictures are all taken on different days, in different places. 

One woman, with her baby in a sling, sits with her boyfriend at the end a large palm tree.

They enjoy the sun setting. 

Here’s another beautiful sunset, captured by the same photographer.

The sunset is bright and clear, the beach is clear, and there are many people relaxing by a river. 

‘This is my favourite sunset in India.

I’ve never been able to capture a sunrise this beautiful.’ 

A woman in pink is relaxing at the sea at night.

This is the same picture, taken on a different day. 

An amazing sunrise, captured on the island of Ayyappa in Kerala. 

I am so glad I got this picture, I would not have been able do it without this beautiful sunset from Kerala.

 Another beautiful sunset captured in a village in Rajputana, India.

This is the sunset captured at night in the village of Chitrapati Shivaji Nagar in Rajut.

This sunset was captured in the shade of the tree, the sun was setting, and a young couple were relaxing on the riverbank. 

Sunset in the forest, in the mountains, and on a rock, in southern India.

This image is a great example of a sunrise in India, in this case at a large tree. 

It is a beautiful and serene sunset, the water is clear.

A couple enjoying a relaxing day in a tree.

This photo was taken in Rajpur, Rajasthani.

Another sunset, taken in the forests of Rajputina. 

My favourite sunset I have ever captured in my life, I am sure there are others, as well.

The sunrise of a man relaxing on an elephant.

This shot is taken in Bikaner, Uttar Pradesh, India, from the top, on a hilltop. 

Close-up of the sunrise on a small hill in northern Rajasputina, India