By now you’re probably wondering what you can expect from a painting of a dragon.

While there are plenty of reasons why people might want to do that, there’s no telling when we’ll get to show you your new favorite dragon paintings.

That’s because the Department of Defense, which is working on new research into dragon flight and flight simulators, isn’t releasing any new paintings for now.

But we have some ideas about when you can see some of those dragon art paintings in action.

The Department of Science and Technology’s Office of Research and Development is looking into the possibility of making dragon art for flight sims, as well as other uses.

The team is looking for the kind of dragon art that would look cool on a wall.

They’re also looking for ideas for dragons that are visually appealing to a general audience, but not necessarily to kids.

For now, the department is looking at using dragons to create a sense of adventure.

That could mean something like a dragon who runs around in the water, or a dragon that jumps on the backs of people, or even something that you see on TV like dragons that can fly, but with wings.

They don’t have a clear plan for how dragons would look in a realistic flight sim.

The only thing we know is that they could be a great place to find dragon art.

They could also be a way to show off some cool new tech or art, like a flying dragon that has a laser beam that can be focused onto your head and eyes, and creates a glow effect, or you could show off an animated dragon with a dragon tail and wings that are part of a larger art piece.

They might even be able to add a bit of flair to the painting.

The department is currently exploring how to use these dragons for realistic flight simulation, and we’re hopeful that they will eventually release some artwork to show us how that will look in flight sim software.

If they don’t, they could always look into creating an actual dragon.

You can watch the DARPA team’s Dragon Art video above.

If you’ve been waiting to see the dragon art in action, now might be the time to get excited.

The DARPA project is about working with scientists to design and build a dragon for the next generation of flight sim games.

We know they’ve got lots of cool ideas for what dragons could look like in the future, so it’s not surprising that we’re excited to see them get their hands on some dragon art as part of that work.