With YouTube’s recent launch of the new YouTube Music platform, artists are now able to monetize their work and get paid for it.

In the past, artists had to wait until they had a song signed and put it on YouTube, which took a lot of time and expense.

Now, the artist can get paid immediately after they have a video posted.

It’s not as easy as it used to be, however, because it’s all handled by YouTube’s YouTube Content ID system, which requires an artist to register and submit the video.

In an email, the YouTube spokesperson said that this was to ensure that creators “have the ability to easily monetize any video on their channel.”

This is not the first time YouTube has moved to make it easier for artists to monetise their work, which was also the case in 2015.

Back then, it was very difficult to monetarily monetize YouTube videos.

The biggest obstacle for creators was the fact that they had to find ways to get YouTube to pay them, as well as figure out how to monetically promote their videos.

YouTube also didn’t have a set set number of views per video, so they were able to reach new audiences through videos that were just being posted, and not necessarily being watched.

The new approach to monetizing videos has worked for some artists.

Art van, for instance, recently made an entire album out of the videos he uploads on his YouTube channel.

His music videos feature all sorts of music videos, but he’s also included the likes of Lady Gaga, Adele, and Kanye West in his videos.

Art van, a video artist, and his YouTube ChannelArt van makes music videos using his YouTube channelsArt van and his Youtube channelArt van on YouTubeArt van in his Youtube videoArt van’s Youtube channelWith the new approach, YouTube is making it easier to monetify videos on the platform.

As of today, artists can upload any music video they like to any YouTube channel, and YouTube will pay artists immediately for any new views they generate.

This means artists can get a ton of exposure for their work without needing to do a lot.

In fact, a YouTube representative told us that YouTube has already paid out more than $15 million to artists using the new model.

The YouTube Content IDs system has also been an amazing boon for creators like Van.

After Van made a video about a new technology called “garden sprinklers,” he got more than 4 million views, making him one of the top-grossing videos of all time.

He also made a whole album out the videos that he made using YouTube’s Content ID platform.

As long as artists upload music videos that use Content IDs, they are guaranteed to get paid.

YouTube doesn’t guarantee that any of these videos will be paid, but it’s guaranteed that Van will get paid when the videos are released.