A group of artists have created an art piece that depicts an animal crossing an actual elephant.

The painting, called ‘A Goat in the Forest’, depicts a goat walking through an elephant park, crossing an enclosure and stopping to take in the scenery.

The artist behind the painting, Jodi Hockley, says she started to think about what the animals experience on a daily basis when she was younger.

She has been an artist for 15 years and says she loves animals.

“There’s this kind of empathy that they have with us and with the world,” Hockle told ABC News.

“So I wanted to bring that out to the public and create something that they can see and relate to and feel.”

She says it’s important to be open to the idea that animals may have a more complex understanding of the world.

“We all have an animal in us, and we all have different species, but we’re all connected to each other,” she said.

“The more we see each other the more we feel connected to our world and with each other.”

And that’s what I want to do with this.

“The artworks are currently on view at the San Francisco Zoo and exhibit at the National Zoo.