The Outdoor Art Project’s mission is to create a sustainable and beautiful environment for artists and outdoor enthusiasts to create outdoor art installations and spaces.

Art Institute’s art installations, which feature artwork by local artists, have been on the wall since 2009, and are featured in the Wall Art Gallery.

“There is so much opportunity to create and share art on the walls, so I feel we’re doing a great job,” said Art Institute co-founder and Art Director Matt Wertheim.

“I don’t think the Wall is a one-size-fits-all, or perfect, piece of art, but it’s a great tool for people who want to explore art.”

A typical installation of Art Institute wall art has six to eight pieces that span from a small painting to a full-size sculpture, according to the company.

The artworks range from small works like a single watercolor or a single painting to larger-scale works like giant watercolors and sculptures, such as the giant painting in the Art Institute Wall Art gallery, which can take up to 100 people.

Wertheimer said it’s hard to get the perfect installation because each artist uses their own unique style and vision to create the piece.

“The Art Institute has had a lot of success with their outdoor art wall, but we’re trying to push the boundaries as well,” he said.

“They’re very collaborative, and they work with each other.

We’ve also got some other outdoor art projects, like a mural that hangs on the Wall’s east side, but they’re all really creative.”

The Wall Art galleries and installations are also used to showcase works from local artists and local businesses.

Wartheim said the Art Institutes work with local businesses to give them an opportunity to showcase their work and their passion for art.

“We’re always looking for new creative ways to use our wall,” he added.

The Art Institute is located at 913 S. Fifth St., Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232. “

And when you do go to our wall, we try to be kind of in-the-loop.”

The Art Institute is located at 913 S. Fifth St., Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232.

Call 503-823-4511 for more information.