An artist has taken his art to the streets of Jerusalem to ask people to help him out, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

A man who is working on a mural depicting the city’s oldest street A mural by a Palestinian artist who painted over his mother’s graveA mural showing the Israeli occupation in the West BankThe mural shows the occupation in an effort to help Palestinians living in the area.

“I am really happy that my mural has reached the people.

I hope that they will show their support for the Palestinian cause and for our cause,” the man said.

The mural is part of the city of Tira’s ongoing mural campaign called Tira – Tira Tira, which started in March and is continuing to reach out to local people.

“My mural is a reflection of the Palestinian people and the fact that we are all Palestinians,” the muralist told The Jerusalem Times on Monday.

“This mural is not just for my own family, but for all Palestinians, who are being deprived of their rights in the occupied West Bank.

It is a message that our struggle is not over.

This is why we need to paint.”

A Palestinian woman with her son, who works in the same industryAs a muralist in the Palestinian diaspora, Mahmoud Hamoud has also painted over the bodies of the dead.

He said the mural is also a way of giving back to the dead.

“We are Palestinians who are here to be alive,” he said.

“We are the first generation in the diasporic world that did not go to school, we are the ones who don’t have a home, and our families were left behind.”

In the mural, which shows the West Wall and the Temple Mount, Hamoud uses the Arabic language to depict the conflict.

The work has been installed at Tira City Hall in Tira near the entrance of the holy site, and it is currently on display in the plaza outside.

“We have been able to create a mural with the same spirit that we used in the Holy City, which is showing the Palestinian connection to the world and to each other.

This mural is an expression of our collective will to create and to protect the Holy Land,” Hamoud said.”

The goal of this mural is to show solidarity with the Palestinian community in the territories, which are the only remaining part of Palestine under Israeli occupation.”

The mural was made from over 1,000 canvas pieces.

“A lot of the work has not been finished yet, but we are trying to finish it,” he added.