The Cartoon Network show Pokemon Go is a huge hit, but the virtual world is also a big moneymaker for the network.

While its main draw is its Pokemon characters, the cartoon has also taken in millions of dollars in revenue from merchandising and advertising. 

In a recent article, we talked about how the show is earning millions of dollar in revenue and how it’s helping pay the bills. 

However, what is the real financial side of Pokemon Go? 

What are the real benefits of using Pokemon Go to make money?

We sat down with Paul Biederman, Chief Executive Officer of the Pokemon Go Project to find out.

Paul Biedermans thoughts on Pokemon Go:Paul Biermann is Chief Executive officer of the ‘Pokemon Go Project’, a US based non-profit organization focused on improving the use of augmented reality to enhance and enrich people’s lives.

In 2016, the project was founded with the aim of improving the game experience for Pokemon Go players around the world, which includes creating a ‘virtual economy’.

Paul started working on the Pokemon GO Project in late 2016, when he became involved with the Pokemon Foundation, a non-partisan 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization that supports innovative business ideas. 

“We started the PokemonGoProject because we wanted to give a voice to our community and help them make a more meaningful choice for themselves in the game,” said Paul in a statement.

“By connecting people with local businesses, we are helping our communities thrive and making them more confident and productive citizens.” 

The Pokemon Go Game In order to take full advantage of PokemonGo’s ‘virtual’ economic benefits, PokemonGo developers must provide an augmented reality-enabled Pokemon to users.

This process involves adding a number of different elements to the game, including real-world augmented reality content and a variety of other augmented reality elements such as gyms and Pokemon Go gyms, all in a way that allows PokemonGo users to ‘catch’ the Pokemon they’re looking for. 

Paul says that the PokemonGym has made around $500,000 in revenue since the game launched in 2016.

“We have a good relationship with the trainers and trainers are getting more involved in the gameplay and the economy in order to support the community,” he said.

“As a result, we have been able to increase revenue by 10-15% on our last two expansions.” 

This is all part of the game’s augmented reality monetization, where PokemonGo players will be able to ‘tag’ their Pokemon and ‘catch them’ in the real world.

“With the Pokemon Gym, you can also tag your Pokemon to catch them and have them appear in your pocket.

It’s basically a way to make real money,” said Bieder. 

PokemonGo players are able to capture Pokemon via Pokemon Go’s mobile app and are rewarded for doing so.

The game’s developers have also created a ‘poke-to-poke’ service, which allows players to capture a Pokemon from other players around them. 

The game also features a ‘Pokémon-shaped’ QR code on the home screen.

PokemonGo fans can scan their QR code to find Pokemon that are nearby, or the QR code can be scanned into a Pokemon Go app to add them to the player’s ‘collection’.

The game’s creator also said that the PokémonGym’s augmented realities are helping to increase awareness about Pokemon.

“We’ve had a lot of users contact us asking for advice about how to become a better Pokemon player,” said Ryan Silliman, Vice President of Operations for PokemonGo.

“They’ve seen how much they love the Pokemon universe and how much fun they are having in it.

We have seen people spending hundreds of dollars a month on the game.

That’s all because they love Pokemon.” 

Why are PokemonGo and PokemonGram so popular? 

Paul said that PokemonGo is more popular than ever before because of Pokemon’s augmented real-life properties. 

He explained that PokemonGrip and Pokemon Gym are the two main augmented reality products that are used by the Pokemon players, both of which have been built by the same team.

“Our goal was to build products that have all of the attributes of real life, but that have been augmented in a different way,” said Sillim.

“That is what the Pokemon Gym is. 

What do PokemonGrams and Pokemon Grapes look like? 

The difference between the Pokemon grams and the Pokemon grops is that they’re more complex and include the physical properties of the animals that they represent. 

Silliman said that they were designed to be used as ‘virtual gyms’ where trainers can work out their fitness and personal goals with real Pokemon. 

Why do Pokemon googles and PokemonGs pay for themselves? 

In the case of PokemonGum, it is mainly because PokemonGo creator Paul Bierman has