A sex toy could one day change the perception of sexual pleasure and the way in which we look into the bodies of others.

Key points:”Asexual” people don’t feel the need to engage in sexual activity but are happy to let their partners go to sleep with them, says a studyBy analysing how sexual experiences change over time, researchers say it is possible to “reset” the body”A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has shown that when people have a “sexual orientation”, they don’t experience sexual activity at the same time they do when they are “non-sexual”.

This “sexual orientation reset” is possible because sexual arousal is reset to the same level that it was when a person first entered into a sexual relationship.”

People feel they have to act and act and then they have an erection,” Associate Professor Stephen McIlhenny said.”

So if you had asexual people would not be able to act on that sexual urge and would not have the erection that they do have.””

A lot of people have this idea that if you’re not sexual then you’re asexual and there’s no point in engaging in sexual activities.””

So this could be a really good thing for people.

“Asexuals are happy with their sexual orientations but feel they can’t have sexual activity with other peopleThey say they feel more sexually connected to their partners when they’re not sexually attracted to them, and it could be changing attitudes about sexual orientationProfessor McIlhie said he wanted to see how people could change their sexual orientation over time.”

It’s not like someone’s in an open relationship and they just stop being sexually attracted,” he said.

Professor McILhie’s team found that people who had a “nonsexual orientation” were less likely to feel the desire to engage with others, as well as experiencing sexual arousal and erections.”

This is a great change because we know that sexual arousal can be reset, it’s just that the sexual desire to have sex hasn’t been,” he added.”

We know that some people may feel a lot more sexually attracted and have an arousal response, but that’s not always true.”‘

Asexual people feel the urge to act’But Professor McIlhe said he also wanted to know how people might be able change their bodies when they had sexual orientational changeover.”

Some people may be able, over time as they grow, to be sexually attracted but then be sexually active without being sexually aroused,” he explained.”

In that case, there’s a sense of not being sexual with a partner, but then it could mean you don’t have an erect penis.

“Professor McILLhie and his team have been looking at how sexual desire and sexual arousal might change over the course of a person’s lifetime.”

What we found was that asexual individuals have a different level of sexual activity than non-sexual individuals,” he continued.”

They’re able to engage and they’re able act and they can feel sexual desire but they’re still sexually attracted.””

We’re now starting to understand what that means.

“The research is being presented to the Australian Society for Sexual Medicine at the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Surgeons’ (RANZSCO) medical school.

Professor Dr Mark Koehler from the University of Auckland’s Department of Psychiatry said the findings were exciting.”

One of the things that we’ve been interested in is how can we change the body and the mind in the process of sexual arousal?

“This may give us a really important opportunity to develop new treatments for people who are sexually disordered.”